In 1992, the SMILE Grant-in-Aid program was created to enable families in need of financial assistance the opportunity to participate in Park District programs. 

  • 159 SMILES were received to children under 18 
  • 74 families participated in Park District Programs 
  • $166,000 in SMILE donations were given 
  • SMILE donations reached 87 households 
  • 31 children participated in Park District of Highland Park Athletic Programs 
  • 43 children participated in the Park District of Highland Park's summer camp program 

In 2018, the Foundation Youth Initiative (FYI) was established to provide additional funding opportunities for Highland Park residents and those in neighboring communities. We are grateful to YEA! Highland Park for their support of this program. Our initial FYI program is a Learn to Swim Program launching in Fall 2019 that includes free introductory swim lessons for low-income children. This program is supported by the Nuestro Center of Highland Park and the Park District of Highland Park.

Please contact us if you would like to work together to support the PFHP mission.